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As a global organization, we value diversity in everything we do. Diversity is key to facilitating a culture that enables employees to work to their highest potential and deliver for our customers. We strive to be an inclusive company that embraces this value, assuring employees feel respected and are able to contribute to the success of our company, customers, and communities. In order to deliver the right set of solutions, we employ a diverse workforce that comes from all regions of the world, cultures, and backgrounds, offering a wide variety of global insights and perspectives - bringing immeasurable value to our customers. 

Our employees are part of the global communities in which our operations reside. This cultural diversity brings a wealth of knowledge, history, and language capability to our customer’s missions, both on the ground with local nationals and from a global perspective. For SOC, a diverse workforce is vital to our success. 

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Careers page to learn how we value our diverse workforce at SOC and how you might become a valuable member of our team.

Diversity is one of our core values as a Company, and it’s also something very personal and unique to each employee.

Who better to tell our story of diversity than the people who are part of that story. The Many Diverse Voices of Betterment” shares how our unique backgrounds and perspectives make us stronger, together, as a Company as a whole, and as individuals. Our diverse and inclusive culture and what diversity means at SOC and Day & Zimmermann is told through personal, unscripted first-person narratives.