Our Leaders

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Our mission-driven leaders are key to driving success at SOC.

Anthony Mendez – General Manager

Mr. Mendez, as General Manager, SOC NNSS, brings more than 18 years of leadership experience in nuclear security and protective force operations as a Safeguards & Security (S&S) Senior Director, S&S Deputy Director at two different NNSA Sites, S&S Program Manager, Protective Force Security Police Director, and Security Police Officer. He leads with strong performance, dedication, and an immense ability to support the Department of Energy mission. Throughout his career, he has consistently demonstrated core values of integrity, dependability, initiative, judgment, and loyalty. His role as General Manager is essential to successful coordination and integration of the multiple counterparts involved in developing and maintaining an effective protection program strategy to ensure protection of DOE/NNSA assets, facilities, personnel and reputation. Mr. Mendez oversees the execution of all operations and DOE/NNSA requirements; federal, state, and local regulations; and contract requirements. Combined with his professional experience and education with a degree in Business and a minor in Law Enforcement from Wayland Baptist University, Mr. Mendez’s exceptional leadership ensures his ability to instill the change and improve performance to push SOC to full capability at NNSS.


James Lucero – Director of Business Management

James (“J.R.”) Lucero, as Business Director, SOC NNSS, brings 25 years of protective force business management experience. He also has 15 years of direct experience as a Director of Business Management and Deputy General Manager. From his leadership roles, he gained valuable knowledge in business operations, finance, human resources, labor relations, supply chain/logistics and information technology and training. As Business Director, he leads SOC’s hiring strategy and implements a mutually-beneficial agreement that strengthens relations between SOC management and the protective force teams. Mr. Lucero is known for being a creative problem solver who consistently leads teams to complete projects on time and within budget. Mr. Lucero holds a Master’s Degree in Business Administration from the University of New Mexico along with a Bachelor’s degree in University Studies from the University of New Mexico, where he also received a Graduate Certificate in Project Management and Management and Carnegie Awards for Excellence in the Field of Human Relations.


Kerry Wisniewski – Protective Force Director of Operations

As Protective Force Director of Operations, Mr. Wisniewski provides the discipline to implement culture change in the protective force workplace that improves morale and strengthens relationships between management and the protective force. His role is also essential to the successful coordination and integration of the multiple counterparts involved in developing and maintaining an effective protection program strategy to ensure the protection of DOE/NNSA assets, facilities, personnel and reputation. His leadership ensures a smooth, low-risk transition to a new contractor that results in zero disruption to 24/7 security operations. Mr. Wisniewski has experience as an SRT Training Lieutenant, CAT Leader, Communications Electronics Chief, Special Operations Communication Expert/Force Recon Marine and as a Special Operations Team Member and has demonstrated exceptional performance in his 22-year S&S career. He has provided years of leadership and operations management as a Senior Technical Director Composite Adversary Team Leader, an SRT Lieutenant and SRT Training Lieutenant. His high work ethic and dedication is illuminated by his highly decorated service in the U.S. Marine Crops and 12 years of protective force operations at NNSS and other DOE sites as a trusted and motivating leader. Mr. Wisniewski received his B.S. in Organizational Security and Management from the University of Phoenix and continued on to get his Master of Arts in National Security Studies from American Military University.


Bruce Rogers – Director of Technology, SOC 

As Technology Director, Mr. Rogers leads in the evaluation, installation, implementation, and maintenance of critical security systems and infrastructure. He brings a wide experience across the DOE enterprise and a long understanding and history of technology to warrant successful assessment and deployment of technology to support the goals of the NNSA security roadmap, which is crucial to the successful update, upgrade, and enhancement of security technologies at NNSS. Mr. Rogers has held a number of leadership positions, including Senior Vice President, DOE Program Manager, owner of World Security Group, Senior Technical Director, CNS Safeguards & Security Senior Director. He brings to SOC 45 years of experience in the government security and investigations fields, in which he also has 20 years of distinguished service in the U.S. Air Force Security Forces. He earned his Associate of Arts in Criminology from Victor Valley Community College, an Associate of Applied Sciences in Industrial Security from Community College of the Air Force, a Bachelor of Arts in Social Sciences and Management from Washington State University, and a Master’s of Science in Organizational Development from Central Washington University.